Sprouting Time

“Sprouting Time “  can be interpreted as the fourth  dimension of the works of “Praroha ” . They are colorful contemporary and trendy. Though the representations are abstract but always a meaning and be interpreted out of these creations .

——Manish Dwivedi

Talkative – Book By Manish Dwivedi



Praroha -sprouting up of the seedling

Praroha – This ancient Sanskrit word depicts the spirit and vision of our work.
it defines that our artworks are true from of innovation. They are fresh and they depict the optimistic flow of growth.

-Manish Dwivedi

I think , I sprout


“ I Think , I sprout “ depicts the Whole flow of the thought process . Abstract lines , patterns and colors represent the  state of a thoughtful mind . the viewer can easily make out that how small solutions of life , ideas and creativity are hidden in between those mixed up lines.

Sprouting Thoughts


  ” Sprouting Thoughts ” is the motto of  “Praroha”  . Sprout of seed , is the symbol of the essence of growth. It depicts the will and desire of seed to break it shells and get back to life , to grow, to reproduce and to live forever. Praroha is group of same kind of seeds where every thought counts because it has the immense capability to grow and turn into a generation itself. At “Praroha ” every thought matters every effort counts. We are a dedicated team which selflessly is involved in producing ideas, representation which are not bound by boundaries. We create a ground where ideas nourish and grow, spread and reproduce.

 —  Manish Dwivedi (Founder “Praroha”)